Born in San Francisco, Eleanor Kent has lived there most of her life, making art. She started painting and drawing seriously in the mid-1950s after getting a BA in English at Harvard University. Kent returned to the Bay Area earned an elementary school teaching credential and later earned her Master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University. Kent studied and painted at the California School of Fine Arts (now SF Art Institute) in the Bay Area Figurative style under Ralph DuCasse, Elmer Bischoff, Nathan Oliveira, Frank Lobdell and Bruce McGaw, using a diverse array of mediums to depict the richness of the California lifestyle.


Working with Bay Area Figurative masters helped Kent form a solid art foundation, which she used to explore other mediums and forms of expression in the following decades. In the 1970s, she painted on fabric and t-shirts and used color copiers to create prints. Throughout the 1980s, Kent explored developing computer technology and graphic systems as art tools and helped found Ylem, a tech art group. During the ‘90s, Kent started knitting the fractals and other mathematical images she saw on computers, and today crochets body jewelry using electro-luminescent wire, which surrounds the wearer with light. She paints and continues to work for the creative use of technology and a sharing of information as a way of peacefully exploring our existence.